Stick Run

A group of Stickman get lost in the tunnels floating around the world. They may get lost in the city, in the desert, or in the winter rocky mountains, etc. The player will transform into one of them, running and jumping in the tunnels to find their way home. In Stick Run, the thrill and fun are the ones that don't end. This game challenges your reaction speed and running skills. There are two ways you can play Stick Run: Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. - Explore Mode: You will discover lots of new tunnels and areas, and may unlock new characters along the way! - Infinite Mode: You will be on an endless run. You will find gold scattered across the tunnels. You can use the gold to unlock new characters and continue your run. Let's watch your steps and make sure you don't fall out of the tunnel if you don't want to lose.Start running and jumping to find an unbroken path home! Good luck!

How to play

- Use the UP arrow keys to jump through the space tunnels. - Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the world as you go. - You can control your jumps by hold down the up arrow key.